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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is the oldest professional engineering disciplines. It aims at the modification of nature to create and improve human habitat. It deals with the maintenance of design structure and naturally builds environment. Civil Engineering mainly aims at solving the problems of society. Civil engineering has commenced from earlier centuries when humans started feeling the need to construct their shelter. The main emphasis of civil engineering is on the work of planning, designing, building, and repairing structures such as bridges, roads, water systems, and airports.
Education of Civil Engineering
Education of civil engineering involves developing, maintaining, protecting, and improving public and ecological infrastructure. There are various Indian universities/ colleges which offer undergraduate and postgraduate civil engineering courses. and are the leading degrees for civil engineering. There are various specializations in civil engineering. Some of them are listed below:
• Construction Engineering
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Urban Engineering
• Material Engineering
• Water resource Engineering
• Irrigation Engineering
• Land Development
• General Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Bridge Engineering
• Structural Engineering

Why study Civil Engineering?

A career in civil engineering is extremely fulfilling. Nowadays civil engineering is considered as the fundamental square of society. There are various advantages of considering civil engineering as a profession. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:
Excellent career for mathematics lovers
Civil Engineering is the perfect course for students who are eager devotees of mathematics. Civil Engineers have to deal with solving the mathematical questions that are related to structural planning and structural framework.

Creating a superior world for human habitat
As the earth is the only livable planet, buildings and structures make life easier on the planet. Structures for private and public welfare and consumption are created by civil engineers which makes life better on the planet.

Good Salary

Civil Engineers can earn great compensation for the services provided by them. Great jobs are offered to the engineers by well-known recruiters.

Traveling throughout the globe
Civil engineering is a great deal for people who are fond of traveling. Civil Engineers have a set of responsibility that requires them to travel to different cities and countries. They can get a chance of working while traveling.

Several Opportunities
Civil Engineers have various career opportunities. They handle different kinds of construction work such as projects on roads, railways, urban establishments, agricultural storage, etc. Civil engineering is a versatile field because of these numerous projects.

Highly Demanded Profession

Civil Engineers have always been in high demand. Functions performed by civil engineers are always considered necessary. These engineers can easily find great jobs in their own country and overseas.

Career after studying civil engineering

Civil Engineering programs have a great demand all over the world. These programs provide the students with excellent career options and a promising future. Civil engineers perform an essential role in creating productive structures. Various dynamic jobs for civil engineers are listed below:

Civil Services

After completing the civil engineering programs, the candidates are eligible to perform the civil service activities which include developing and creating public, private, and urban structures such as roads, bridges, parks, cycling routes in the city, etc.

Private Organizations

Nowadays, everybody wants to be their own boss and want to create their own firm. Civil engineers can also make their own private construction organizations. Civil engineers need to have complete knowledge and appropriate skills in construction factors.

Public Sector Undertakings

People who aim to work with great earnings should definitely opt for jobs in PSU. Pursuing a degree in civil engineering programs and clearing the GATE exam will help you in easily getting the PSU’s jobs. Some of the PSU’s best for civil engineers are listed below:

• Hindustan Petroleum Cooperation Limited
• Oil and Natural Gas Cooperation Limited
• Airports Authority of India
• National Fertilizer Limited
• National Highway Authority of India
• Indian Oil Corporation Limited
• NLC India Limited

Indian Armed Force

Being citizens of the country, few people get a chance to serve the nation. After completing the civil engineering programs, candidates can join any of the armed force branches. Candidates will need to qualify for certain tests to join the armed force branches.

Join the Indian armed force is an excellent option for you to serve the nation.
Diverse Fields for Civil Engineers
There are diverse fields in which civil engineers can make their careers. Some of them are listed below:

• Building Control Server
• CAD Technician
• Nuclear Engineer
• Structural Engineer
• Site Engineer

We hope the above-provided information will help you in getting adequate knowledge for civil engineering programs.

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