Is Civil Engineering Good for Future

Is Civil Engineering Good for Future

Lots of Students Ask this Question Many Time Like is Civil Engineering Good for Future . Here is the answer for it .Civil Engineering has originated from the word Civilization. Hence , Civil Engineering  has  been  in  existence  ever  since  the  origin  of  Human  Civilization  on  Earth . Topics Covered Under Article : Is Civil Engineering Good for Future | Civil Engineering Courses | Highest Package Of Civil Engineering After Diploma | Diploma Civil Engineers Salary in India | Career After Diploma in Civil Engineering

People  from  different  walks  of  life  have  been  using  Civil Engineering  in  one  form  or  the  other . Initially , men  used  to  dwell  in  Caves  built  by  nature , but  later  on  when  human  settlements  began  with  the  formation  of  huge  Civilization  on  Earth , house or  shelter  was  the  very  first  and  basic  need  of   the  people . People  started  building  their  houses  with  whatever  material  they  came  across  on  Earth .

Is Civil Engineering Good for Future

Initially , thatched  houses  made  out   of  dry  grass  came  into  existence , later  on  mud  was  used  to  construct  walls  of  houses  and  bamboo  alongwith  grass  cushion  and  covered  with  burnt  clay  tiles  were  used  for  roof  construction .

Such  houses  had  the  disadvantage  of  rats  and  mouse  digging  holes  inside  the  rooms  where  deadly  venomous  cobra  and  other  snakes  used  to  sneak  into  the   holes  in  the  floor  and  mud  walls.

Such  venomous  snakes  have  been  responsible  for  large  number  of  snakebites and deaths , specially  of  women  and  female  member  of  the  household .

Now  Civil  Engineering  has  advanced  a  lot , floors  are  made  of  reinforced  cement  concrete  and  a  finishing  layer  of  Ceramic  Tiles  with  plastic coated  paints  and  glossy  appearance  not  only  makes  the  interior  of  a  house  more  beautiful  and  exotic  but  it  is  safe  from  harmful  snakes and  other  dangerous  animals .

Is Civil Engineering Good for Future

The  society  cannot  exist without  shelter  in  the  form  of  buildings .you  cannot  travel  from  one  place  to  another  without  existence  of  roads. You  cannot  cross  a  wide  river  without  existence  of  bridges .

You  cannot  dispose  off  your  waste  water  generated inside  your  house  without  existence   of  drains . In  unauthorized  colony , you  see  stinking  water  overflowing  from  drains  with  huge  amount  of  garbage  heaps  strewn   around  creating  ugly  unhygienic  atmosphere  with  a  potential  to  spread  disease  among  the  inhabitants  of  the  area. Therefore  , Civil Engineering  creates  a  healthy  atmosphere  for  future  generations.

Civil Engineering Courses

Checkout Civil Engineering Courses Here .You  must  be  wondering , what  all ! , do  we  study  in  Civil  Engineering .During  the  B.Tech  stint  of  4 ,  years  what  courses  do  we  need  to  study;  all  about  Civil  Engineering . Civil  Engineering  is  all  about  the  basic  needs  of  the  Society .

civil engineering courses
Civil Engineering Courses

It  begins  with  the  application  of  forces  in  nature , on  various  different  shapes  of  structure , forces  causing  movement  within  the  Earth , on  surface  of  the  Earth . Various  different  forces  causing  water  to  flow , causing  wind  to  blow , snow  to  move  and  melt . Now  the  basic  need  of  the  society  is  movement  of   passengers  and  goods  for  which  we  need  roads , basic  need  of  the  society  is  shelter  to  protect  themselves  from  the  vagaries  of  nature  for  which  we  need  houses  and  homes  .

With  above  basic  concept  of  Civil  Engineering  in  mind , you  study  all  about  forces  on  solid  material  and  begin  your  journey  with  brushing  your  concept  of  Physics ,  Chemistry and  Advanced  Mathematics  during  your  first  year  of  joining B.Tech  program, you  study Solid Mechanics.

Your  are  taught  Surveying  and  Field Measurements  through  use  of  Theodolite and Total Station . During  Second  year , you  happen  to  study  Strength  of  Materials , Fluid  Mechanics , Environmental  Engineering  where  you  study  all  about  open  channel  flow , you study  applied  hydraulics  and  pipe flow , water  supply  and  sewage and  sanitation .

You  are  taught  Engineering  Drawing  and  Building  Drawings  along with  the  subject  of  Building  Construction Technologies  and  Building Construction  Materials  and  their  properties .

Starting  third  year , you  happen  to  study  the  Professional  courses  in  Civil Engineering. It  begins  with Soil Mechanics , Transportation  Engineering  where you  study  roads  and  highways  alongwith  Railway Engineering  and  design of  Airports , water  resources  engineering  where  you  study design  of  Canal , Spillway , Dams and  waterways .

You  happen  to  study  Hydrology , where  you  are  taught  all  about  Rainfall  and  their  Estimation . Most  important  of  all , you  study  Reinforced Cement Concrete  as  a  material  and  Design  of   RCC  Structure  built  out  of  Cement  Concrete  and  Reinforcement Steel  Bars.

During  Final  Year  you  also  study  Solid Waste  Management  ; Remote  Sensing  and GIS . Steel  Structure  and  their  design in  the  form  of  Trusses  and  Girder  and  Steel  Plate  design  in  the  form  of  pressure  vessels and  Chimneys .

Apart  from  Core  Civil  Engineering  Courses , you  are  given  training  and  orientation  courses  in  Personality  development , nurturing  of  your  hobbies  and  skills  through  Club  activities , you  are  also  given  training  on  basic  architectural  design  software like  AutoCAD  and  Structural  Design  software  like Stead Pro . This is it in Civil Engineering Courses Check more Below.

Highest Package Of Civil Engineering After Diploma

Check Highest Package Of Civil Engineering After Diploma here .Salary of a technologist when completion of polytechnic diploma will vary from Rs. 3.5 lakhs every year to Rs. 10 lakhs every year. Best pay packages ar offered to student’s govt. pay scale depends on the expertise of the candidates and their profile.

There are numerous international corporations that supply remunerative salaries of quite Rs. 20 lakh every year. Now, talking regarding the pay a part of this job, the lot of queries you’ll answer, the higher it’s.

Prime specialists at Chegg Asian country get a payout of even up to Bureau of Intelligence and Research one animal product per month! Therefore, we propose you apply and obtain on-board with Chegg Asian country for this exciting job when your polytechnic diploma in applied science. The national average pay for a polytechnic diploma In technologist 25000 per month in Asian country. Filter by location to check polytechnic diploma In technologist salaries in your space.

Salaries estimates ar supported twenty salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by polytechnic diploma In technologist staff. all dream is to induce higher pay at beginning of your skilled career, however in applied science we will say pay is proportional to expertise.

At the beginning of the career don’t fret regarding pay try and learn completely different topic relating to to your discipline, will increase your core capabilities for the primary 8–10 years of the career add a corporation therefore case your talent, as a result of in applied science your information on style and sensible approach is admittedly appreciated.

when folks begin to believe you , he’s the one UN agency will do the task with a lot of sensible approach, lesser price, a lot of correct, faster, careful approach considering everything in your mind, At this moment success is at your step. Then you’ll begin our company when increasing your contacts, initial years you will suffer. Then you’ll earn like nobody has ever seen. this is it in Highest Package Of Civil Engineering After Diploma Check More Below.

Diploma Civil Engineers Salary in India

Check Diploma Civil Engineers Salary in India here The diploma is a three-year course in engineering whereas B. Tech is a four-year course in engineering. Polytechnic students generally apply and fulfill the position of junior engineers after course completion whereas B.Tech students get posted as Engineers (process engineer, software engineer, etc.) as per their engineering branch.

Polytechnic courses are cheaper to pursue when compared to B.Tech courses. Semester Tuition fees and institutional expenses are less for Polytechnic courses because of 3 years courses.

While some students plan to directly secure a job after completion of a diploma in civil engineering, some students are confused as to how they should take themselves forward in the field. There is always more scope for people who have done higher studies. Also, it would be better if they have some special qualifications other than a diploma.

But the diploma would be sufficient for a student who is hardworking and knowledgeable enough. Diploma holders are certainly more driven towards government jobs due to factors like job security, good salary, etc. in our country.

There are various government departments where civil engineering diploma holders can find jobs. Mostly, diploma holders can get jobs like a technician, lab assistants, and even some higher positions such as a supervisor.

After a diploma in civil engineering completion, students can appear for exams like SSC, PWD, RRB, etc. to be eligible for a government job. All the government job aspirants should always keep checking for the vacancies issues by government departments related to civil engineering.

However, there is a considerable amount of competition for government jobs. There are different types of jobs available that would require knowledge of various civil engineering subjects.

So, students will need to study their diploma syllabus well and put in a lot of hard work. In the private sector, students can choose between field jobs and back-office jobs after their diploma in civil engineering completion.

This means, one option will be to go for a client handling or design-related job and the second option will be that they can take up a job that requires you to be on the construction site or the field which includes jobs related to surveying, construction, and more.

The average salary of a civil diploma fresher in India is ₹ 337,500 per year or ₹ 173 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at ₹ 337,500 per year salary while most experienced workers make salary up to ₹ 500,000 per year. This is it in Diploma Civil Engineers Salary in India Check more below.

Career After Diploma in Civil Engineering

Check Career After Diploma in Civil Engineering here. Polytechnic in civil discipline is a three-year course offered by various institutes. In this course students learn about planning, designing, surveying, estimation, costing, material testing, and construction, etc. There is various career option available, so students are advised to choose their career options according to their Interest. 

Higher studies are one of the good career options for diploma in civil discipline as it enhances your credibility as an engineer. Some of the colleges that offer later entry in civil engineering branch 

Government job option gives you career job security, Respect in society. So, this option is most seeking career option among polytechnic civil discipline students.  

Nowadays various state government department require minimum eligibility is diploma in civil discipline for junior engineer post has become essential qualification so, increase the opportunity for polytechnic students due to restriction of degree holder students. 

Private sector job is largest employer among all other available career option. Being a developing country India’s Infrastructure projects is increase day by day which provide more jobs opportunities for civil discipline students. Short courses enhance your professional skills. These courses enhance your knowledge in an individual area that can meet the requirement of the market.  

Generally, these short courses period is between six to twelve months. Nowadays many institutes provide placement opportunities. 

Abroad jobs are most seeking jobs for civil engineer nowadays. Abroad job and working in a foreign country have lots of advantages in your professional development as well as finance.  

It is seen that Self-employment is also a good option these days after diploma in civil engineering, students can also become a entrepreneur and can start your own construction company. This is it in Is Civil Engineering Good for Future | Civil Engineering Courses | Highest Package Of Civil Engineering After Diploma | Diploma Civil Engineers Salary in India | Career After Diploma in Civil Engineering

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